Thick Roll Sushi (Futo-Maki)

Khamis, 25 Jun 2009

Thick Rolled Sushi (Futo- Maki).

This roll is about 2 inches thick, hence the name futo-maki, or fat roll. The other sushi rolls could be called hoso-maki or thin rolls by comparison. This roll contains six to eight ingredients, most often six, and often the same six. These always include kampyo gourd, oboro or denbu pink powder, tamago omelet, and shiitake mushrooms. Other ingredients can include bamboo shoots, cucumbers, cooked eel, cooked carrots, and cooked spinach or other greens.

The nori sheets are cut in half and then quarters, so that a quarter sheet can be pasted onto the end of the half sheet to make a sheet half as wide as normal, and 1-1/2 times as long. The seam should be under the ingredients, and the sheets are pasted together with crushed rice grains. The roll is cut thinner into five slices.

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