Khamis, 25 Jun 2009

Foodstuffs Needed and Where to get it.

You will need rice, which I will describe in greater detail in the next topic. You will also need the following items, some of which are optional:

  • nori, toasted seaweed sheets, available even at Von's and other supermarkets now

  • wasabi, Japanese horseradish mustard, comes in cans of powder, just add water

  • gari or shoga, sliced ginger, a condiment used to reset the taste buds

  • shredded daikon radish, optional

  • su or awaze-zu, sushi vinegar, see Rice section below

  • imitation crab sticks, for California rolls, pieces will also work if you can't find the sticks

  • kappa, cucumber -- I usually use the European cucumbers since they are longer and there is less waste

  • avocado -- make sure they are ripe, the dark-skinned variety is easier to peel

  • sakura denbu, seasoned shredded cod fish (pink powder)

  • hari hari zuke, pickled vegetable mix (yellow)

  • ao shiso no mi, prepared beefsteak plant seeds (green)

  • shiso sakura, pickled radish and ginger with beefsteak plant (pink)

  • kampyo, seasoned Japanese gourd (dark yellow)

  • nametake chazuke, prepared mushrooms

  • shoyu, soy sauce, mixed with the wasabi for dipping the sushi, low-salt is available now

I usually get my things at the local Hughes Market or Ralph's here in Oxnard, California. Any Japanese or Asian market will have all of this, and a whole lot more. The crab, cucumbers and avocados are available at most markets.

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