Difference between IDE and SATA?

Isnin, 5 Disember 2011
I was wondering what the difference is between and IDE hardrive and a SATA one was. I understand that higher RPM's boost performance. I'd also like to know what the significance is of a 8 meg cache, or a 16 meg cache, and if the latter boasts an advantage over the former.

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IDE uses the big 40/80 pin ribbons. SATA uses much smaller ones.
Higher RPM usually means faster access times, but perhaps not in all cases.8 Meg cache is about all you'll ever need for today's stuff, 16 is more of a marketing thing for people that think they need 16 to look cool. The difference in your everyday useage will not be noticable.

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 SATA drives are designed to reduce the bottleneck between the CPU, PCI and other components which trade data much faster.Present ATA rating is 150 where as ATA 133 is the fastest of the IDE drves.Most new Motherboards offer connections to both.Also ATA 300 SATA drives are supposed to be availible soon if not presently.You should realize that you may not have a real noticable difference in a machine between ATA 133 IDE and ATA 150 SATA the difference is negligible.

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