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Khamis, 16 September 2010
The Web has evolved. It used to be a place where people came to just search for simple information. Now it’s a place where people come to also share information. Information today that is multi-media and more complex. Information today that is real-time and social – recommended by people who know, and people you know. We call this new place The Living Web, and we’ve designed an evolved engine to help you get the most from it – a service to help you live the new web.

Although we have many ways to search and share information, the current experience is fragmented, ineffective, and ultimately inefficient. On the search side, there are a growing number of disconnected sites for traditional search, niche interests, audio, video, imagery and more. On the sharing side, there is a universe of segregated social networks, blogs, real-time content, multi-media portals and more. This growing disconnection and segregation is the challenge we’ve decided to embrace. By providing a single, connected, multi-media experience for both searching and sharing traditional and real-time content, we’re hoping to make the new web easier, more integrated and efficient.

We believe our new web experience benefits everyone online. Existing portals and services benefit from a new found search integration that offers them more user engagement. Consumers benefit with access to more of the information the new web has to offer, that was previously tucked away. But most of all, it benefits you, those living the web by searching and sharing the freshest, most relevant and most interesting content available anywhere.

You’ve evolved, the web has evolved, the experience should too.

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